Your company logo is quite possibly the most important strategic marketing resource you can have. In addition to the obvious benefit of creating brand recognition, a well designed logo can also communicate benefits about a company.

Your logo should not just express what your company “does” but it should represent who you “are”. In this sense a logo should visually describe the product or service that you are offering to the public. Just as the face is representative of a person, the logo does that for a business. Good branding makes the logo the “face” of a company, giving it the visual representation it needs to succeed.

If you are a brand new company, we will work together to create an identity that makes you stand alone amongst your competitors. If you have an existing logo that needs some love, we can help give you that ‘fresh new look’ to give it the attention it deserves.


Pink Owl Boutique - Retail store - Logo Design
Natural Baby - Retail store - Logo & tagline
Life Prints Commercial Photography - Logo Design
Marsh Contracting - Logo and tagline
Lean Financial Services - Logo Design
Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. - Logo Design
Cedar Bluff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry - Logo Design
Dr. Niki Christopoulos, MD - Logo Design
South Lyon, MI - Downtown Development Authority - Logo Design
Tech Socialite - Logo Design
Uniquely Yours - Special Event Planning - Logo Design
Allard & Fish Law Firm - Logo Design
Downtown Baby - Logo Concept
Lighthouse Financial Group - Logo Design
Lane Media - Logo Design
Simpsonville United Methodist Church - Logo Design
Campfire Consultants - Logo Design