Re-purposed Project using chalk paint: Nightstand & Armoire

So I took my first dive into chalk paint this past weekend and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the idea of taking an outdated piece of furniture and transforming it into something completely different. As far as the brand of paint goes, I went with Annie Sloan paint which came highly recommended by a couple friends that have been using this paint for a while. If you want to check our her website, here you go:

There are other options available for chalk paint, but I really liked Annie’s paint.
A little background info:
I have had this furniture since I was an early teen when I lived in Michigan. When we moved to SC in 2007, we brought it with us. Although it is a really nice set of furniture, I have been looking for something new for a while. We have updated every room in our house (some more than once) and our bedroom was always on the back burner. Sidenote: I am 35 so this furniture has been with me for a long time. After exploring Pinterest, an idea occurred to me that I should just paint the current furniture we have and re-purpose it rather than buying a whole new set. (Duh!)

The color:
At first, I had a hard time deciding which paint color to go with and for those that know me, I can be indecisive at times. Our walls in the room are very close to the ever-so-popular Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. I wanted something neutral, and finally decided on Coco. A friend told me to start with a small piece and once I got used to the consistency of the paint, the wax and the distressing then I could then move on to a larger piece. Must say this was great advice! So we started with the nightstand.

The nightstand:
We removed the drawers first (for good) and then I painted it with two coats of Duck Egg Blue (corners and edges only for distress layering). After that dried, I applied two coats of Coco to the entire piece. Note: I highly recommend distressing after you do your first coat of wax and it dries. I tried distressing it before I waxed and the paint came off much more easily which I didn’t like.

Distress layering: This means that after the Coco layers and the clear wax dried and once I started distressing (carefully) it would show the blue underneath the brown. Note: I didn’t like the way that the blue/brown combo turned out so we applied an extra layer of Coco and decided not to distress this piece.


in process


It’s not completely finished yet – we still need to drill holes in the back of it so we can fit the DVD player inside and feed the cables through. We will probably put picture frames and other odds and ends on the bottom shelf. We used the same wallpaper for the shelves for consistency.

The Armoire:
I removed the doors (for good) and the drawer knobs and filled the holes that we wouldn’t be using with wood filler. After the holes were dried and sanded, we started painting. Since I didn’t like the layered look on the nightstand, I decided not to layer this piece with the Duck Egg Blue and Coco. We painted two coats of Coco over the entire piece (went much faster with two of us!), including the drawers and the inside shelf. Once the two coats of paint were dry, hubby applied the clear wax. After the wax dried, I went around the edges and corners and distressed down to the original wood color. I love how it turned out.

A note about distressing: You want to ONLY sand/distress on the edges and corners of your furniture. The idea is to make it look like it has worn naturally, not intentionally. I recommend avoiding distressing flat surfaces since it won’t look authentic.

Since we removed the doors completely, I wanted some sort of wallpaper or contact paper to adhere to the back board since it would now be exposed. I found this self adhesive wallpaper at Target. I liked the neutral color of it not only because it matched the Coco color really well but also because it would allow me to add colorful decor on the inside shelf. I started the adhering process to the board and my husband finished it. It was difficult to even up the edges of the seam since the board was wider than the roll of wallpaper. I’m usually the one that just ‘wants it done’ whereas he takes his time and does it right. ;-) Plus I was in my first week of the Whole30 diet plan (need I say more?)

I found the perfect set of knobs at Hobby Lobby (they were the last 4) so I got lucky.


15025200Devine Color Diamond Wallpaper – Twig
for the back wall of armoire

adhering wallpaper to back board

IMG_8397detail of the inside

IMG_8398And….voila! Here’s the final product!

Not sure what else I plan to store on the shelf, maybe extra bath towels, my jewelry or our books with bookends.

So, what do you think?? Would love your comments, suggestions and questions!

- ST