Sara Theisen wins Sammons Center Logo Contest

With it being Monday and all (and wishing it was still the weekend), I decided to share some awesome news! I entered a logo contest through The Sammons Center at Western Michigan University this past fall and I got word recently that my logo was the winner! It is displayed on the website now and will be placed on all print materials related to the center.

T H E   C O N T E S T   R U L E S :
Each logo submission needed to illustrate the concept, purpose, mission and philosophy of The Sammons Center for Innovation and Research in Occupation Based Technology.The mission of the center is to provide an opportunity for visionaries a platform to promote progress in occupation through technology.

The purpose is to bring together inter-professional teams who have the interest and expertise to support visionaries to create, design, develop, disseminate and evaluate specific products to enable better occupation through technology

The philosophy is grounded in the idea that the ability to participate and engage in everyday occupation is a fundamental goal and basic right of all persons. We believe that innovation and research in technology must be transformative so that the outcome enables a better way to live with our without a disability.


T H E    W I N N I N G   D E S I G N :

Sammons Center Logo

M O R E   A B O U T   T H E   S A M M O N S   C E N T E R :

The Sammons Center for Innovation and Research in Occupation Based Technology celebrates the legacy of Dr. Fred Sammons, an occupational therapist, who is well known around the world for his exemplary contributions as an inventor, businessman, entrepreneur, clinician, educator and philanthropist. You can read more about their awesome program here:


Sammons Fred Nov 2010 Dr. Fred Sammons